Who are we?


MyPetGets introduced Sniffstars to their line up of classes in 2016. Since then we have had fabulous results 

both at trials, in behaviour management through therapy and Scentwork and in prosperity.

Sniffstars work in classes to Scentwork UK training goals and aim to trial. Though trials are not obligatory we have a great time visiting trials together, there's always someone going and the social side is great!

Find out more about Scentwork UK


Scentwork UK is a wonderful organisation and being in Milton Keynes their trials are never far away.

Follow our progress


Our blog will be available soon. We're working on it :)

Join our Classes!


With classes evenings and weekdays in locations across Milton Keynes we have classes to suit you.

What else do we do with Scent?

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Scentwork workshops


We run monthly scent based workshops, most of which are based on Scentwork UK trials and training. We also run specific workshops for scent enrichment games, nose games and using scent games to help the wider community - more info on this soon :) 

Sniffstars with MyPetGets Dog Training and Behaviour