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Sniffstars is the Scentwork division of MyPetGets Dog Training and Behaviour, who have been working in and around Milton Keynes for almost 12 years. 


MyPetGets follows the philosophy of fear free training, empowering dogs and their guardians to form tighter bonds, build understanding and have fun together.



We strongly believe in regulating the industry and the first step to that is ensuring all of us are suitably qualified in the classes and sessions that we offer. We are passionate about continuing our professional development. 


Not just a business, Jeni is the owner and original Trainer/Behaviourist at MyPetGets but over the years she has adopted people she believes really make the grade in the industry, Kathy came on board with us in 2017 and together we make a wonderful team, which we call SniffStars.



About me

I live with my husband, 5 year old daughter and three truly wonderful dogs. Sully (Sullivan) is my current competing Scentwork UK dog, a welsh collie who is 7 years old. Merrick is my up and coming Scentwork dog, a 5 year old kelpie x collie who came to me with some serious behavioural problems just over a year ago. Last but certainly not least is my 12 year old Springer x Cocker who is a much beloved family pet who has recently decided he loves Scentwork and will be starting at level one very soon.


I started dog training professionally in 2007, after a short stint as a dog walker. I studied hard, looking for ways to change how we train our dogs, using kindness and empathy instead of the punitive training I had been witness to with my old boy Flynn. In 2014 I qualified as a dog behaviourist through the ISCP and quickly joined the regulatory body ABTC as an Accredited Animal Behaviourist through INTO Dogs and later with IAABC.


I work in rescue environments as well as with private clients to reduce fear in dogs, modify behaviour and create happy bonds with their people.


My passions

Dogs. Dogs. Also, did I mention dogs?? I'm a dog addict, there's no disguising it. I'm addicted to understanding dogs and  helping them understand the environments we ask them to live in. But the most exciting thing about dogs? Their nose! A truly amazing organ, capable of sensing disease, time and that one crumb that fell behind the sofa. Amazing!


Scentwork is my work and passion, I train Scentwork UK classes as well as working privately in Scentwork for assistance. Sully (my own dog) helps me with his nose almost daily, by waking me from nightmares THROUGH SCENT! He literally smells a nightmare and performs behaviours which wake me, how amazing is that nose!? Watching how the dogs work around scent, how their body works and moves and how they become fulfilled through their work inspires me.


My qualifications

I became a recognised Scentwork UK trainer in October 2016, we started classes immediately and have brought dozens of dogs and their guardians to trial levels, we've worked with blind dogs, deaf dogs, tripods and dogs with various disabilities. Some go to trial some just enjoy the time spent with their dogs at class and at home.


I am an Accredited Animal Behaviourist regulated through ABTC, I am an Associate Certified Animal Behaviourist (Dog) through IAABC, ISCP Dip.Dog.Prac, Fear Free Certified Professional, a full member of the PPG, and a certified trainer and behaviourist through ICAN. I have attended sessions with Rob Hewings in Scentwork for assistance and have plans to attend his full courses in the near future.


I run the Monday evenings and Tuesday afternoon classes at Bradville Hall, Milton Keynes.

Sniffstars with MyPetGets Dog Training and Behaviour